Meditation & Healing Mist

“Creation” Story of Love’s Blessing Meditation & Healing Mist

I have been doing energy healing sessions since 1993. In 2009, an intuitive message came to me from Spirit to begin using an aromatherapy blend of essential oils before and after energy healing sessions.

With the aid of a crystal pendulum, Spirit instructed me to work with an alphabetized list of Essential Oils in determining which ones would be suitable to use in a blend. Then the pendulum circled the oils that would be used, and with an exact number of back and forth strokes, the pendulum “ticked off” the number of drops to be used for each of the essential oils to be in this Spirit guided and inspired blend….that aromatherapy blend is now known as

"Love’s Blessing Meditation & Healing Mist”!

The bottle’s label was created from the images I received while doing energy healing on clients….I would visualize a shaft of light coming down from Divine Source, represented by the “Star”, which would go directly into the person’s crown, represented by the lotus flower.

I always do energy healing with the understanding that “Love”, rather Divine Love, is the healer. For the person receiving the healing energy of Love, it is a “Blessing”…and, hence the name:

“Love’s Blessing Meditation & Healing Mist”!

Wishing you many blessings, Marilyn Salas