Meditation & Healing Mist


Marilyn Salas

Receive the “Gift of Divine Love”….and let your body relax into a deep state…this is where healing really begins…when the body is truly relaxed. Relaxation and peaceful calm allows the energy to assist you in your healing journey.

Facilitating healing sessions in the Ojai Valley, Marilyn has been the conduit of Love’s Healing Energy for over 20 years. In her practice, she utilizes many healing tools, including:

A Multitude of Crystals & Gemstones

The Pendulum Aromatherapy Music
Tibetan Bowls Feathers Himalayan Salt

…and various Selenite crystal-healing tools!

After your session, time-honored “self-healing” techniques will be shared with you to enhance your healing process!

For an appointment with Marilyn, please e-mail:

"BEST KEPT SECRET in OJAI: Marilyn Salas and her Love's Healing Energy work! Just lie down on her exquisite crystal jewel bed and RELAX while she clears any and all "stuck" energy areas in your body. Clients rave about the incredible experience of openings they have. She uses singing bowls, crystals, feathers and loads of very high vibrations to effect miraculous energy shifting. Call her- 805 798-1448. Truly amazing!!!!!!!!!"
Kate H., Ojai, CA ~ Nov 2013

"Extraordinary! Absolutely Extraordinary! I have known Marilyn for many years-always told myself someday I would see her for some healing work - that day came recently and forever changed my life. My experience with Marilyn was phenomenal from the minute I laid on the beautiful crystal bed - the minute Marilyn placed a stone on my 3rd eye, it popped wide open and a shadow went out the door, that was just one of many amazing occurrences during my session."

"Marilyn's gifts are awesome, she instinctively knows what healing your body needs with placement of stones, the singing bowl, feathers, while laying on a magnificence bed of stones all this is what Marilyn radiates as she heals every part of the body - her gifts are divinely guided with such love and right on accuracy- it will truly blow you away! To this day when I speak about my healing with Marilyn I get those beautiful aha chills behind my head & the knowing that the seen and unseen remembers the amazing transformation that took place. Marilyn is the real deal absolutely extraordinary!" Kim Lumsden/Ancestors Wake - Ojai, CA