Meditation & Healing Mist

Misting Suggestions for Love's Blessing Aromatherapy Mist

Calming, Uplifting & Energy Cleansing!

Love’s Blessing Meditation and Healing Mist may be used before and after yoga practices to help attain peace and deeper levels of meditation. The Mist is good to use before and after ceremonies as well as healing sessions, therapy, counseling, and/or massage sessions!

The Mist is wonderful to use in cleansing your crystals and stones. It may also be used for misting over your crown chakra as well as around your body to cleanse negative energies to help calm as well as uplift you!

The Mist may be used to spray on your pillow at night to help de-stress and induce relaxation for a more restful and peaceful sleep. It may be used to mist for an uplifting body fragrance after bathing. You may also mist into your dryer for an uplifting fragrance on your clothing and bedding!

It is suggested to use the mist in sacred spaces to help lift and maintain the positive energy. It may be used as well in rooms and vehicles to help "deodorize", as well as to "lift and cleanse" negative energies. It has also been used to mist overhead to help calm down children; and it appears to help to calm down agitated pets (please mist the pet's bedding, and/or area around your not mist directly on pet)!

It has also been suggested to mist a neck scarf and to place the scarf around your neck before traveling on an airplane to help well as to use as an aid to help overcome jet lag, and stay in good health during and after your plane travel. Also, Love's Blessing Mist has also been called an "aphrodisiac"!

(Note: These misting suggestions are from the testimonials, verbal and/or written, that people have given me about how the Love's Blessing Mist has benefited them!)

Cleansing the negative energies attached to your crystals and stones!

Great to use before and after yoga practices, as well as promoting deeper levels of meditation and a more peaceful state of being!

Use to cleanse the negative energies around doorways and window areas!

Use to cleanse the negative energies in the corners of your rooms, where energies get stuck!

Use to cleanse the room of negative energies before/after an intuitve reading (psychic reading), or counseling session!

Use to cleanse the negative energies and unwanted ordors in your car!

Use to mist before and after sessions for energy healing, massage, CranioSacral, Reiki, etc.

Use to mist over your crown chakra and around your body to cleanse negative energies and help uplift your spirits!

Use to mist on your pillow before resting, or going to sleep, in order to help promote relaxation and a more restful sleep.