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*"Hi Marilyn, Blessed Harvest Moon! I heard about your Love's Blessing Mist from my friend whom I believe found it at a crystal shop in Santa Monica (I think...? I could be mistaken about that but I think that's what she said.). I have been using it for a couple of weeks prior to meditation and before bed and oh my goodness, I haven't slept this well in YEARS! Deep sleep with vivid dreams and sleeping through the night. Calm, peaceful. Thank you thank you thank you! I just placed another order of Love's Blessing, and I'm also trying out Sacred Union this time too. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this magical mist into being. It has truly changed my life. And I am telling all my friends about it as well :). Sending loads of love and gratitude and a big hug, Sara E." ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ Sept 2016*

*"I love your mists. They smell good, I wear them as perfume plus use on my bed. I received them...thank you! Cathy R." ~ Boise, ID ~ Sept 2016*

*"I first encountered the healing mist known as Love's Blessing while working at a store in Ojai that carries it. At first, I thought it was a perfume but I learned it is more of a healing mist. At the suggestion of Marilyn Salas, I began spraying it on my pillows before bedtime. Here, the miracle began. For eight and a half long years, I struggled with insomnia. When I finally fell to sleep, I would wake up 2-4 hours later and be unable to fall back to sleep. Consequently, I was tired in the mornings before work. I was prescribed medication, but I was uneasy with needing to take pills on a regular basis, and was always hoping to find a more holistic solution. A sympathetic doctor suggested sleep hygiene. Love's Blessing is now a big part of my sleep hygiene regime at night. I am thrilled and relieved to report that I am now prescription free and, finally, I sleep soundly throughout the evening and wake up refreshed. Suffice it to say that Love's Blessing is a big part of my natural medicine cabinet." Laura W. ~ Ojai, CA ~ August 2016*

*"Hi Marilyn! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for shipping this so quickly! A lot of my clients, mostly women ask what the nice smell is when they walk in my little healing space and I've given the sprays as gifts but never thought about making them available for purchase to my clients. Yes, I would be interested and am willing to give it a try. What would be the minimum number I could buy wholesale and what would my cost be? I'm thinking the small size sprays to start. Much Love to you, Terri V.d.S" ~ Tecate, CA ~ August 2016*

*"Hi Marilyn, thanks so much for your lovely response. I can feel the positive energy when I use the mists so am anxious to continue using it. It was interesting as I had picked up some other oils before I came across Love's Blessing display and was immediately drawn to it after experiencing the aroma. Quite divine and definitely relaxing. I'll definitely share my experience as I continue using it. Blessings to you and thank you for being inspired to share this beautiful elixir! Margaret G." ~ Morgantown, WV ~ July 2016*

*2 Follow-on Testimonials from Margaret G.:*

*"Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for your wonderful healing mists. I recently ordered Sacred Union and had already purchased Love's Blessing while at Agape on a recent trip to CA. I absolutely adore each but Love's Blessing is my favorite and love to wear both as fragrances. I certainly appreciated your prompt shipment when I ordered Sacred Union and am delighted I will be able to purchase them via the internet. Abundant blessings! Margaret G." Morgantown, WV ~ July** 2016*

*"Hello Marilyn and thank you so much for the update on my order. I initially purchased a bottle of Love's Blessing at the Agape bookstore in June and immediately loved the mist. A couple of months ago I ordered Sacred Union from you. I primarily wear both as a fragrance and not exclusively for meditation although I do meditate regularly. I am so thankful I can order the mist from you. My trip to CA in June was a spur of the moment occasion for an aunt's 90 birthday and my first visit to Agape. A blessing of my trip was discovering Love's Blessing Mist--thank you! Margaret G." ~ Morgantown, WV ~ August 2016*

*"Hi there! I LOVE your Love's Blessing spray and have used it personally for a couple of years now. I have an Etsy shop where I sell healing crystal jewelry and other treasures. I was just wondering if you offer wholesale pricing and how that works as I'd love to be able to offer the spray to my customers as another way to bring healing energy into their lives. Thanks so much! Venus" ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ April 2016*

*Follow-on Testimonial:*

*"Hi there, thanks so much for your reply and your kind words regarding my shop! :) Thats not a problem for me whatsoever and I'd love to know more about your wholesale ordering and pricing info. I just have found the spray to be so helpful in my daily life and I'd love for my customers to be able to experience your spray as well! It's truly such an amazing, life changing product you've created! :) My friend actually recommended me to the spray, she had bought it from you online. And I've been purchasing it from a lovely crystal shop in Ojai, CA when I visit there (its only an hour an a half from my home in Los Angeles). Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the wholesale info so I can place my first order and let my Etsy shop customers know it's available! :) Thanks! Venus" ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ April 2016*

*"Marilyn, hello. I hope all is well with you. I'm not sure if you remember me however I am in Bristol TN and ordered several bottles of Love'S Blessing about a year ago. Well, I have waited too longer to reordered. Honestly, I am in a bit of a uncomfortable moment and for no good reason. I probably need to bath in Loves Blessings. Lol. So, I would like to reorder 2 large mists and is there an option to buy the pure oil state to put in my defuser ? My family would love to have it wafting around all night. I look forward to hearing from you. Much love and blessings, Robin M." ~ Bristol, TN ~ March 2016*

*"Hi Marilyn, the mist came today. Thank you for the stone that you included with it. Very kind of you! I discovered Love's Blessing through a friend who sensed that my daughter might benefit from it. When I spritz her pillow at night, she sleeps better and doesn't wake up in the middle of the night from bad dreams. It's like magic. Three spritzes/night! The Sacred Union is new for me. It sounded interested and I wanted to check it out. Thanks, Aria M." ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ March 2016*

*"Thank you Marilyn. I got side tracked but will place an order this evening when I'm sitting still. I look forward to receiving Loves Blessings. It's my absolute favorite. This will be my 3rd bottle. I'm not familiar with Sacred Union, but my best friend has been looking for it in Los Angeles for over a year. She was sitting with me when I tried to order Loves Blessing and jumped for joy when she saw you had Sacred Union. I love the synchronicites of life. We'll be together this evening and will place an order for 2 each. Thanks so much for your follow up. Rachelle B." Seaside, CA ~ Feb 2016*

*"Hello Marilyn, I am happy to share that my order arrived on Monday. Thanks for checking in. I delighted to have more of the mist available to lighten my heart, bless my home, friends and furry family members. **I will share a story soon. I feel so much healing going on as a result. Peace,Terry E." ~ Minnetonka, MN ~ Feb 2016*

*"Hello Marilyn, it arrived today perfectly wrapped. In fact, we use it for soothing the air with a great smell, typically at our desk and on our pillow. Sometimes, we spray it around just before a visit to make people comfortable. Reading the label each time we spray it makes it more powerful. The fragrances envelops our senses in a sweet way. Love's blessings is a perfect name for it. Bravo for this mist, it's a success. Have a good and peaceful night! Jemima G. ~ PS: Thank you for the little handwritten note!" ~ Agoura Hills, CA ~ Feb 2016*

*"Thanks Marilyn. I once purchased your product (Love's Blessing) at Eye of Buddha in North Park (San Diego) and really liked the quality. Unfortunately they didn't carry it any longer and I looked you up on the internet. Thanks so much! Mark W." ~ San Diego, CA ~ January 2016*

“Hi Marilyn! Thank you so much for the Love’s Blessing Mist! I discovered Love’s Blessing while taking  yoga classes at Marydale’s Param Yoga in Chatsworth, and purchased the smaller size. I use this mist for meditation, when I feel the need to clear my mind, after showering, and before bedtime. I can instantly feel a calming affect after taking just a few deep breaths. I can tell that your mist is made with love. Blessing and peace to you! Sincerely, Vicki C.” ~ Granada Hills, CA ~ September 2016

“Hello Marilyn, thank you so much for reaching out. I absolutely LOVE Love's Blessing Mist!  I received the package yesterday and I tried on the Sacred Union this morning. I'm excited to continue to share this wonderfully therapeutic aroma with friends! The blends you created are so unique, people in Santa Monica would love them. Have you considered selling or promoting Love's Blessing here in Los Angeles? Infinite Love, Spencer D.” ~ Santa Monica, CA ~ September 2016

“You may enjoy more of what happened with that spray! ... As a 30+ year healer and meditator, I'm always working to stay in my sweet spot, to be good to me and for everyone... After you left, and I'd sprayed the scents around my head, I remembered I am magic. Magic like in younger days meandering in fields of flowers on a balmy, sunny, bug-buzzing summer day surrounded by trees with ripe fruit on a planet where everyone loves each other. So grateful to be so blessed again. (Of course I ordered large bottles of both sprays!) Thanks for the iridescent booster! : ) ” Grace R. ~ Culver City, CA ~ July 2016

“My mother gave us a  bottle as a gift, which is now almost gone…I use it with my kids, when they get emotional and headed into a bad place... they call it the "Fairy Spray”.  :) Tiffany H. ~ Hondo, TX ~ July 2016

“Marilyn, my name is Paula.  My husband Ricky and I are friends of Ted.  He gave me a bottle of the Love's Blessings.  What a wonderful gift and how it has calmed my soul.  I have a very stressful job these days and have been working a lot of hours.  It doesn't help that I am an insomniac with my mind racing all the time.  I care for an elderly mother on the weekends and seem to have no time or myself or my family.  Ted has been a wonderful friend.  He told me give it a try and I did.  I am a Christian who believes there are negative forces about.  I can't explain why it worked but I found myself in a calmer state.  I then took it to work and sprayed it in my office, Staff seemed calmer when they entered.  I seemed calmer.  I have you to thank for that.  I wish we lived closer as I would schedule a healing session with you.  Perhaps someday we will get out to CA. Ted also gave me a little of the salts you created but I do not know how to use them as my husband threw away the paper Ted left.  I'm hoping you can give me some guidance here.  If you ever plan a trip to Florida, I hope we can all have dinner together. Warmest regards, Paula R.” ~ St. Petersburg, FL ~ June 2016

“Hi Marilyn - Thank you for the personalized follow up. The order was actually made for me, Karen and this is my email address. And you were right the first time about me being a repeat customer. I found out about your product the first time through a Daily Om special.  I enjoyed the smell and used up the entire full sized bottle I had bought on the Daily Om site. I recently saw the empty bottle in my draw and remembered how helpful your product was for me. I use several similar resources, and sometimes you tend to move from product to product, and need to remind yourself of what really resonated with you among all of them. Anyway, I plan to use the mist as a perfume, since I can't tolerate regular commercial perfumes.  Plus it has the added wonderful benefits off course. Thank you for making this product, and I hope you continue to make it available.  I wish you continued success with your business. Kind Regards, Karen L.” ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ May 2016

"I have been using just one bottle of Love's Blessings Mediation and Healing Mist for over a year and have enjoyed it almost everyday!  I left the bottle on my desk and with one spray I changed the energy in the area and uplift my spirit. Thank you Marilyn for the heavenly product.”  Khabir Southwick, Naturopath, M.H., N.T., C.A.S., Ojai, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Dubai, Rishikesh - Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist ~ Ojai, CA ~ May 2016

“I have been a customer for about 3 years. I discovered her beautiful blue bottle of Love's Blessing in Ojai when I was staying at the Oaks. The smell is heavenly and I can't get enough of it. I usually order in quantities of 5-6 and give as gifts. I use it daily and nightly on myself, my boston terriers and when my grandchildren spend the night they love it sprayed on them and their pillows before they sleep. It really is a wonderful product and I feel it is so beneficial to my energy and relaxation. Merrilee R.” ~ Vancouver, WA ~ April 2016

“Hi Marilyn, thanks so much for the update I look forward to receiving it! I found out about Love’s Blessing through my mother who bought it for me in Vancouver (Canada). I live in New York and when I finished the bottle I knew I had to get more. The smells of the mixture of the oils is incredible. When I first started using the mist I had no idea of it’s healing power but intuitively would spray it in the morning and at night, and found instant peace the moment I would smell it. When I went on your website to order more I realized what this spray is meant for, and all of the sudden the affect it had on me made total sense! When I saw your Sacred Union spray, and what it helps to promote, I knew I had to try it, as I am a writer and creative myself. Anywho, that is the whole story. Thank you so much for providing people with this beautiful gift and helping me feel like the air I breathe is cleared and blessed with this magical mist! All the best and many blessings, Martina S.” ~ New York, NY ~ January 2016

(Follow-on testimonial):

“I just received the package yesterday and tried spraying the mist over my pillow and it did work wonders! Thanks so much again, beautifully packaged and wonderful results as usual. I am sure there are stores who would be interested in carrying your line and perhaps some holistic doctors I know of. I was surprised when I found out I couldn’t get it here in NYC. I will definitely spread the word. Would love to see this magical stuff around more! All the best, Martina S.” ~ New York, NY ~ January 2016

“Hello Marilyn! I did receive the Loves Blessing on the 13th....thank you so very much! I found this at a little essence store in Cambria where I have been visiting the last 6 summers. I lost my youngest son (age 40) to cancer this summer and thought the ocean could help bring some emotional strength. It helped, but when I visited the shop as I always do, I found your Blessings! I have used many essential oils over the years, mainly relying on what I am drawn to. Not only was I drawn to it, I couldn't set the bottle down! It has been a constant companion in my purse since that day! I find so much peace, calming , clarity from it! It truly is a perfect blend and you will surely receive many blessings in return for what you have made available to all of us! For myself, I cannot thank you enough! Sincerely, Jeannie N.” ~ Rio Linda, CA ~ January 2016

“Hi Marilyn, love your product. Gave a bottle to a midwife for her own young child who was suffering insomnia. She sprays her every night along along with a gentle massage and her daughter now falls easily to sleep and sleeps through the night. She is so grateful to know your spray exists. Blessings to you, Susan F.” – Los Angeles, CA – Dec 2015

“Hello Marilyn, thank you for your message. I am very excited to say I received my order yesterday, which is a couple of days earlier than expected. I am pretty sure I originally saw your product at Agape International Spiritual Center (Culver City) sometime ago, but I purchased it for the first time earlier this year at Meditation Mount in Ojai. This healing mist immediately makes me feel at peace, calm, and loved. It inspires me and reminds me that all is well. Please continue to produce this product in its authentic matter. I am positive that it benefits many. Sincerely yours, Mildred D.,” - Torrance, CA - Dec 2015

“Thank you sweet ONE for sending this (Love’s Blessing Mist) so quickly! One is for my 89 year old mother. She will love it. Much, much better than Estee Lauder Youth Dew. Ewww! I so wish we lived closer so as to get to know each other more. I hope our physical paths cross in the near future so both "J" and I can give you Abrazzos Grandes. T.” – Tecate, CA – November 2015

“Hello Marilyn, I just opened your package.  Love's Blessing had an immediate effect.  I do feel clearer and lifted.  I'll use it today prior to teaching yoga.   And I look forward to using in my therapy sessions next week.  So thanks again. Thanks, Tom P.” (Yoga Instructor/Energy Healer/Massage Therapist) – Mobile, AL – November 2015 

“Your love mists have helped me a lot through the sleepless nights and just cloudy days in my heart. Your love travels everywhere! Thank you!! Motoko F.”, Japan – October 2015

“Dearest Marilyn, I received my gift set today and am absolutely blown away already - thank you for all the love you put into these! I will definitely keep you updated on how I use them, they are a favorite already!!! Sending you the warmest love and blessings, Sophie I.” - Burbank, CA – October 2015

“Hi Marilyn, my best friend and I first discovered Love’s Blessing Mist at Agape’s 2015 Revelations Conference.  We each bought a bottle.  We agree that Love’s Blessing is “the scent of enlightenment!”  We wear it every day, and usually mist up more than once!  Thank you for such a fabulous product! Cheers, Laura W.” – Corvallis, OR – October 2015

“Hi Marilyn…I just want to let you know that I love your product I first purchase your lovesblessing at Alexandria 11 I was using for meditation, and also I’ve been experiencing stress and other emotional  situations and your product has helped me alot in feeling calm also it heps me with my allergies when I sleep i havent tried sacred union cant wait to receive both products .Also hopefully I would love to get a healing session cause I really need it I just need to find somone to get me over to your location hope it happens soon thank you once again for your amazing product I will be purchasing more very soon. Blessings :) Maria G.”, Pasadena, CA – September 2015”:

……and, follow-on comments from Maria G.:

“I received both (mists) and I really love them both. I was having some  stress and tension issues and I wasn't able to take a deep breath (I'm guessing because of my tension), and I started spraying (the Love’s Blessing) on my back and head. I started feeling relief the next day.  I used take allergy pills alot before and didnt want to do that anymore, so one night my allergies were pretty bad and I sprayed (the Love’s Blessing Mist) on my face and I felt great it worked just like the allergy pill without the chemical. Blessings, Maria G.”, Pasadena, CA – September 2015

“Hi Marilyn, Just wanted to thank you for your prompt reply - I received my order and they smell so lovely. Thank you for creating these amazing products! Love & Light, Anee R.”, Los Angeles, CA – September 2015

“Hello Marilyn, we received our Love’s Blessing Mist. Thank you so much!! I originally bought it when I was on a trip to Santa Barbara. I can’t even remember which store I bought it in. It may have even been at a yoga studio. At the time I bought one for my daughter (age 25) too. I use mine when I meditate and have it sitting near a candle and crystals on a small table next to the chair that I meditate in. My daughter leaves hers on her nightstand and sprays it every night before she goes to sleep. She mentioned that she had run out and couldn’t find it anywhere… so I searched online and found your website!  We live in Santa Monica, California. Do you sell it in any stores down this way?  If not, we will continue to order from your website since we love this mist :) All the best, Pam W.”, Malibu, CA – September 2015

“My husband has dementia, so my daughter bought a bottle of Love’s Blessing for him. I spray the bedroom and it calms his nerves. Thank God for yur Love’s Blessing. ;-) Geraldine A.”, Gardena, CA ~ August 2015

“I ordered 4 bottles of Love’s Blessings, and I read you receive a free 1-0z bottle…my choice would be Love’s Blessing for ordering over $100.00.  Thanks for the gift!!!  Love’s Blessing is my favorite by far!!! Keeps me balanced and smelling nice!! Merrillee R.”, Vancouver, WA ~ July 2015

“Hi Marilyn…I just ordered another 4 oz. Love’s Blessing on your homepage today. I love the personal note you always write for every order. This order is a gift for my beloved one. Could you please write the note to 'Thomas'? He is going through a lot right now and I hope your personal message and mist will give him the strength with love. - With gratitude, T.”, Burbank, CA ~ July 2015

"Hi Marilyn, I got my Love's Blessing today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I and my dear friend fell in love with it at Agape. We travel from Oregon every year to go to Revelation. So I bought us a small bottle to share and spritzed ourselves througout the conference. There is something about it that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uplifting!!! Thus I had to get us each a bottle. Thank you for this most exquisite and sacred product! Peace," Celia C., ~ Corvallis, O. ~ June 2015

"I have used Love’s Blessing Meditation and Healing mist as an insect repellent for many years. It is very effective in repelling insects of all sorts. Our outside areas seem to attract many types of insects including small biting insects, mosquitoes, and flies. Love’s Blessing keeps those insects from attacking my skin. I would much rather use it over other chemical based repellents because of its natural ingredients and it is effective.” ~ Robert S., Ojai, CA ~ June 2015

“Marilyn, thank you so much for your reply. It helped tremendously. My husband keeps bugging me to order a travel size for him. I'm not sure he really understands what he has but it doesn't matter. He just knows it makes him feel better. So, my question regarding a home ... I feel this is what I need to use. However, I just want to confirm with you. I plan to use Love's Blessings to clear our entire home and furnishings. I will add in some smudging of white sage. Thank you so much” ~ Robin M., Bristol,Tennessee ~ June 2015

“I found the Love's Blessing at a spa in Ojai, CA. My husband and I simply love how it smells. The combination of essential oils is so irresistible we can’t help but smiling when we spray it. Absolutely love it and will recommend it! Best,” ~ Laura C., Los Angeles, CA ~ June 2015

“I really love your makes a difference in my day. I got it from Agape. Thank you for creating this product. I can't believe I allowed myself to run out.” ~ Dorothy D., La Habra, CA ~ May 2015

“Hi, I spray it all over my messy, chaotic house and it instantly calms me and my family. It transports me to another time, of total peace, love and tranquility. Thank you for this great product!” (Also)…”I sprayed it on my 11- year-old son this morning before he left for camp with his school. Like I said, it instantly calms. I love it! It should be used in hospitals or for healing.” ~ Laurie L., Woodland Hills, CA ~ May 2015

“Thank you Marilyn! I actually received the spray today! I was so happy…I was first introduced to the spray at Agape in Los Angeles and I fell in love with it! Then they would run out of it there, so I finally decided to just look for it online. I'm glad I found you, and we live in Carpinteria, and love doing day trips to Ojai. I'm a massage therapist and use the spray at the end of my massages and every single client just loves it! I will continue to ordering it forever!! Thanks again, ‹3‹3‹3” Danielle D., Carpentria, CA ~ April 2015

“Hi Marilyn! My husband and I just spent a week in Ojai on is now my new favorite place! On our last evening we went up to meditation mount and I fell in love with Love's Blessing in the gift shop. We have only been home a week now and I am a quarter of the way through my small bottle. I have been using it before yoga and for meditation, in my bath water, spray it on before I go to work, when I go to bed. It smells like heaven and feels like a hug! I also practice Reiki and use a treatment called Associative Awareness Technique in my work which uses essential oils and music in the treatments/exercises to help decrease fight or flight and stress response. I am excited to add it to my collection for work! I haven't tried Sacred Union but imagine I will love it as much! Thank you for listening to your Divine guidance in creating such a wonderful product ❤” ~ Alice S., PT, CLT, Salida, CO ~ Feb 2015

“Hello Marilyn, my friend says that she bought Love's Blessing at Contact in the Desert! She thinks it smells like what she imagines Heaven must smell like. I think I agree! Thank you for making your wonderful product. Truly inspired. Peace and Good Fortune”, Debra H. ~ Las Cruces, NM ~ Jan 2015

“Hi Marilyn, good morning, blessings to you and your family this holiday season. I am spreading the word on the wonderful benefits of Love's Blessing and Sacred Union to my friends and a shop here in NYC. I gave my girlfriend, Deborah, from Louisiana, both bottles, for her birthday and she loved them! Also, I shop at Flower Power,, here in NYC , for my herbs and roots. I spoke to the owner, about maybe selling your products, I hope she calls you. If she doesn't maybe you can reach out, or if I can be of assistance, please let me know. Have a great day!” - Jacqueline T. ~ New York City, NY ~ Dec 2014

“I've only tried your mist for a few nights, it has helped greatly with me being able to sleep soundly and through the night.” Dr. Susan ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ Nov 2014

“Love’s Blessing quiets my mind, softens my heart, slows my breathing, heals my soul, makes me smell magnificent…''I simply love it''! Dr. T. O’Donnell, PhD, Author - Southern California - Oct 2014

“I just received my 4 oz bottle of Love's Blessing after nursing my 2 oz for months. What a treat! As a mother of many children, I don't get to spoil myself very often, but this fragrance is both soothing and uplifting to me and makes me happy. I'm so happy to fall into my freshly - made bed after I've sprayed the sheets with the mist. I'm getting very sensitive to synthetic fragrances, and only use essential oils, but I could never have combined them in a way that works as a room spray and a personal fragrance. I love the spray all of my scarves with it or Sacred Union. My closet smells great and I get to enjoy the scent all day when I wear one.” Erika S. B. – Centennial, Colorado – Oct 2014

“I bought the mist and fell in love with it. I used it every time I felt stressed, or before doing meditation. It took me a long time to finishing the 1oz (bottle) because I was trying to save it for the best moments. ;-) I'm so glad you're still making it! I hope you keep on making it because I'm planning on ordering more when i finish this one.☺” T. J. ~ Burbank, CA – Oct 2014

“Thanks Marilyn! I'm not out of Love's Blessing Mist yet…and I never want to be, so I ordered before I'm out so I don't have to be without it for even a day. I adore the scent, something about the scent just makes me feel loved. So you're beautiful Mist is something I use to value myself. Much love,” Paula R. ~ New Mexico ~ August 2014

“Hi Marilyn, I am a super fan and regularly order your fragrance. It is the only one that I wear. Thank you so much, I received my 4 oz bottle today and am so very happy with it once again. I will be ordering from you again in the future. Sincerely, Rachel W., MD” ~ Washington State ~ August 2014

“Hello :-) I just broke my bottle and lost the remaining half bottle I had to take and share and bless on the playa for burning man this year. I'm working a 10 hour day in Beverly Hills today and leaving town tonight. What is your closest location I could purchase another bottle? My area code is 90212 and I'm heading home to studio City 91602 later this evening. Thank you!! I adore your beautiful gift and I can't imagine being without it!! - Jenny” ~ Studio City ~ August 2014

“I'm so happy you wrote to me because now I have opportunity to tell you how much I have benefited from Love's Blessing. I first discovered it at a little candle shop on Main Street in Santa Monica. I was just coming from a toxic work environment, and I walked into this store, I misted myself with Love's Blessing and immediately felt at peace. I could not believe it! I went back to work feeling calm and centered and even protected. It truly was a blessing; and, every time I felt off or unsafe, I sprayed Love's Blessing and all was well again. :-) Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful healing mist. I will definitely recommend it to my friends! Love, Deirdre” ~ Santa Monica, CA ~ June 2014

“Love’s Blessing Meditation and Healing Mist helped make a very long plane trip from L.A. - Seattle - Houston - Dubai so much smoother than it would have been! No jet lag either, which is a first for me, and I've travelled across the pond my fair share. Also, wonderful as a 'smudge' in our lovely hotel room here in Dubai. I'm looking forward to using it in particular in a few hours when we depart from Dubai for Saudi Arabia. I have to mention here as well that we have interacted with many, many people in the 36 hours or so we have been in Dubai. And. every single one (maybe with the exception of one man, who appeared to be in a hurry) has been a very pleasant interaction, with big heartfelt smiles and genuine care for two total (an American, and we've been told they don't see many Americans here) strangers and how we are doing during our time here. Is it Dubai, or is it Love's Blessing? I feel sure that Love's Blessing has something to do with it.” M. K. ~ Pasadena, CA ~ June 2014

“Hello there, my very good friend bought this bottle of "Love's Blessing" for my birthday and I am all out. I loved it sooooo much I need to order some more. ….."Love's Blessing" is absolutely wonderful! I have to tell you that I have just started study essentials oils and the one issue I have had is sometimes I don't like the smell of the oils. However, you are obviously really good at what you do because this blend is what I use now for my perfume... I love the smell. It smells sweet and is also so uplifting. I used it on my sister (who usually hates all the oils I try on her) and she loves it too. I will definitely go to the website and order. Please let me know if you do any teaching or events or have any other blends you sell. I would love to be able to learn how to blend oils like you or even just purchase them. With Sincere Love & Gratitude, Lisa H.” ~ Placentia, CA ~ April 2014

“I just wanted you know how much I love your product! I bought my first 4oz. bottle of Love's Blessing at a store in Ojai when I stopped through and was totally amazed! I only have a few squirts left, so just purchased online from you. I did see your product in a Pasadena metaphysical bookstore but had 1/2 bottle left. I use this as a facial spray and you have no idea of the very positive effects it has on me...and those around me! I leave the bottle on my nightstand and spray it on as I go to sleep. Also, the daytime effects are enormous! As I am a constant driver, I fill up a small mister I can keep in my purse. Whenever I feel the need for a lift... I just use a spritz and feel magnificent...and do see a difference in those around me! Thank you for making my life feel good! Blessings, Janell” ~ Santa Monica, CA ~ April 2014

“Love your new mist ‘Sacred Union’. I spray it on my pillow every night and have better and more restful sleep, andI use it every night on my PJs too. It's so soothing and comforting. I love Love's Blessing, but I think my new favorite is Sacred Union. They're both so wonderful, it's hard to decide - so I guess I'll just have to keep buying both of them! …Thank you for your healings - of all kinds.” ~ Jeannie M. ~ Ventura, CA ~ March 2014

“As a sensitive to energies, I find Love’s Blessing spray extremely helpful. It calms, clears and helps balance my energy, especially when I feel “too much” with earth changes, and the thought forms of others. Calming – very clearing and balancing, and delightful to the senses. Spray over bedding lightly to help you rebalance and sleep well.” Christine H. – Vader, Washington

“Love's Blessing has soothed my emotions, comforted my body and has eased my mind. The response from this spray has aided me throughout the day and is wonderful during healing work to refresh and rejuvenate my energy. I highly recommend this spray to everyone who practices meditation, energy work and the average person to start your day with a beautiful scent that is full of love and light.” Jodi T. – Ojai, California

“Love’s Blessings is true to it’s title. It’s amazing aroma is not only an excellent perfume, but also a therapeutic way to start off (or end) any day. It’s gentle enough to spray directly on one’s face, and strong enough to pleasantly affect one’s dreams when applied on a pillow.” Erin M. – Ojai, California

“I wanted to thank you for sending my order. I did receive it and when I opened the package in front of my mom, she simply loved the scent and I had to give her the bottle.  I will be ordering another one for myself.  I came across Love Blessings at my favorite store in Pasadena, Alexandria II. I personally use it when my husband and I meditate in the afternoons after work, or before we go to bed.  The scent is very relaxing and soothing. Blessed Be” Martha – Pasadena, California

“My heart is so grateful for the creation of Love’s Blessing. I believe it’s no small miracle to have love so accessible in this form. Any nose would agree the scents are fantastically loving. Thank you Marilyn, for this product has helped heal a broken heart. It continues to bless me everyday with love.” Vaia – Los Angeles

“Thanks so much for helping me out. I have a few friends who really love your spray, so I thought I’d add it to their Christmas present. My stepdaughter had knee surgery last week, and the first few days were very uncomfortable and painful for her. She told me she used the spray often and it soothed her ragged nerves. Glad you have come up with this item.” Anita – Las Vegas, Nevada

“I use my Love's Blessing spray nearly daily and it is so cleansing.  My 12 1/2-year-old daughter uses hers to help calm her 12-and-a-half-year-old-ness.  It helps her so much.  It also helps her to be at peace with the other beings that she senses all the time in her room; before she was in fear of "them." Thanks for everything.” Love, Sandi – Thousand Oaks, California

“I first received a spritz of Loves Blessing about a month ago from my sweetheart Laughing Bear. He carriers the spray with him everywhere he goes. We are both Pipe Carriers and Walk the Beauty Way. We are healers and teachers of the Red Road, the Native Path. We both use essential oils extensively in our healing work, and I have over 100 individual oils to choose from in my work. When I received a spritz of Loves Blessing for the first time, I recognized the powerful yet gentle wash of sacredness envelope my being. The combination of oils are beautifully blended and appear to have the gift of evoking the Divine Essence within and bring it to the surface. It makes it easy to carry a bottle and spray myself before I enter a space to invoke a higher vibration. Also to offer to another when their heart is challenged to create a space of openness. Thank you for the sacred work that you do. I am grateful to utilize your Medicine in my work of spiritual evolution. Lolomai (I honor the divine within you)” Rev. Elena – Colorado

“My daughter and her family live in Ojai so I am there visiting quite a bit. I am experiencing a health issue, and am doing various non-medical things for it (as well as medical), mostly working on my own vibration and what's attracting the illness.  I read about your Love's Blessing and it called out to me.  Along with the pain, I am experiencing fear and anxiety that comes and goes and I find the Love's Blessing helpful.  I just randomly spray it around an area - usually where I'm spending a lot of time, and sometimes in my meditation area.  It is very calming. Thanks so much!” Sonya – Sacramento, California

“I have found "Love's Blessing" to be a fantastic way to ameliorate unpleasant smells, chemicals, and/or energetic funk.  My absolute favorite way to use the spray is as a lovely and fresh natural deodorant that doesn't clog my lymph system ! Thanks again for the gift! May it bring YOU blessings threefold.” Allassandra – Ojai, California

“My daughter, Audrey (11 years old), has used up the ENTIRE bottle!!  Every day Audrey would spray it over her head.  She would also spray it over mine, and our dog's (Louis's).  I would tell Audrey that Louis didn't need it (I believe dogs are elevated souls, a type of angel) but he'd get a little love's blessing love all the same.  I've asked Audrey how it affects her - she says she just loves it, she loves the smell and wants everyone to have it!!   It's kind of funny because she'd use it consistently every day and she'd do it with such excitement and happiness. Thank you - Love's blessings!” :-) Anne – California

“I have fallen in love with this mist and will begin using it with my clients on a regular bases…I had purchased the mist and been using it on myself and my clients and had also return to my 3D Work at a public school library and have misted the library and my circulation station - I felt an immediate easement of mind, body and spirit when I used it on myself.  I began to use it during meditations and prayer and found the mist to be a facilitator to inner self. I have also used the mist to clear my crystals - after sessions with my clients - I had always laid the various crystals upon a bed of Celtic salt and spritzed rose water or lavender oil. My crystals began to request the mist when being placed upon the salt bed. My crystals conveyed a kinship with the mist as it resonated with them more than with the other oils.  So began my love affair with the mist. Blessings and Light,” Jeanette Red Bird Woman - Port Hueneme, California

“The rash on my hand was dark red, spreading and painful.  I have been spraying it with "Love's Blessing" several times a day.  It immediately stops hurting and oozing and is now only pink.  The fragrance is better than Chanel No. 5. (Not the new synthetic version, but the old version that our mothers wore.)” Pam K. – Ojai

“I love to write and can easily get carried away with a surplus of gratitude and descriptive fondness for a product when I really enjoy it, and its value. Thank you for allowing me to “honor” Love’s Blessing. I endorse the use of “Love’s Blessing” in my apothecary practice. My clients always comment about the relaxed ambiance they experience from the exhilarating aroma inhalation from the moment they step into my day spa and into my treatment room. I infuse the intoxicating mist into the light ozone steam, and my clients are calmed and swept away into a deeper realm as the metamorphoses of the purified water steam and aromatherapy scent pollenates a conversion of the “purest love” permeating the face, body and spirit…enlivening as it is being inhaled by the body’s temple. Of bliss and blessings”, Candice Wilson – Facials of Essence, Ojai, CA

“One of my dearest friends from the SoCal area, Angela R., came to visit me over the holiday. As usual, we spent a lot of time on our healing practices - only the way sister friends can when we come together. She helped me clear some physical clutter in my home that was creating and/or symptomatic of clutter in my spirit/mind/body, and once things were cleared she pulled out this beautiful blue bottle and began to spray the space! I felt like a little girl and a fairy had sprinkled some fairy dust around! I can't really explain, but this mist resonated with me - all of my senses in such an amazing, uplifting, empowering and peaceful way - and it was obviously apparent to Angela because she left me with her bottle! So far I have been using it every day (last drops today!) using it in my prayer/meditation space, my bedroom, on my bed/pillow and I spray myself with it daily as well!  I really appreciate what you have created...Thank you!!!” - Sandhya R., Washington, D.C .

"Many of our physical health problems are connected to our emotional well-being.  "Love's Blessing" has a positive influence on your personal surroundings, and upon entering the body through the sense of smell, is yet another tool which can help in opening pathways towards healing". Elena - Azteca-Mexica Dancer – Ojai

“I bought Love’s Blessing meditation and healing mist and the scent is like a little piece of heaven.  I spray it on my pillow at night and it puts me in a different state of consciousness and ready for a sweet slumber.  The mist has a lovely bouquet of essential oils that has a wonderful lingering essence.  I also ordered another bottle for my friend, it is a great way to say “I love you” Thank you Marilyn for creating such a beautiful product! In love and light, Donna” – Camarillo, CA

“Dear Robert, let me thank you and your wife Marilyn again for the wonderful perfume you gave me in Paris last year – Love’s Blessing. You warned me that we shouldn't use it on our cat, as it might cause an overpopulation. Well, what can I say, my girlfriend and I have been using it extensively over the last couple of months. And we're expecting a child in September!! Just to let you and Marilyn know - THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really is a love blessing. I hope you're doing well and I'll see you and your wife again soon! Take care!” – Robert F. – Germany

“Love's blessing mist is wonderful. I'm a true believer in the healing properties in this spray. I use it everyday to calm my 8 month-old baby. Whenever I feel he's cranky I spray him and I could notice right away how it calms him. Also, when he has a really cranky night because of his teething I spray it in his pillow for a better sleep. I cleanse my house and myself after a morning shower. When my husband is having a stressful workday, it helps him.  It smells beautifully when you wear it, and it's just one of those things you just can't live without :). I'm truly happy I found it!” – Cindy R. – Los Angeles & Virginia

I had an extra bottle of Love's Blessing and I gave it to a friend of mine who just loved it! Love's Blessing is unexpectedly light, refreshing and cleansing….(and) is a neutralizing room freshener, mood uplifter, emotion balancer, and my new favorite perfume. Thank you!! – Shannon P. – Oxnard, CA

Words of gratitude: I am a professional woman, working and living in New York City. My life is full of stress, for those of you who have been in NYC and can relate to this experience, as soon as I walk out of my apartment, I am on high alert, walking to the subway, traveling to a high stress job, etc. The energy level is always intense and I LOVE IT. However, I must find ways to relax. I have a daily meditation practice, weekly massage and/or acupuncture and now Love's Blessing Mist. I have tried other mists, however, after my first spray to my face, I was hooked. I felt the calming and uplifting benefits immediately. I discovered the mist at the gift shop, when I attended Michael Beckwith's Mediation and Visionary class on a recent trip to LA. I purchased the small bottle, to take home with me on the plane and it is almost finished. I use it every day: morning and night and sometimes during the day, when I become overwhelmed and stressed. Thank you, Marilyn for my Love's Blessing. In love and service, Jacqueline T. – New York, NY

“I purchased my first bottle of Love's Blessing from the Agape Center in Culver City. I love, love, love the fragrance of Love's Blessing. The fragrance makes me feel good. Each morning as I sit up in bed to do my prayer work with one of my kitties on my lap, I spray some Love's Blessing on us. I also do the same in the evening. Thank you for making this delightful product. Heart Hugs”, Bev B. – San Diego, CA

“Marilyn, I cannot tell you how I love and appreciate your lovely healing mists! If you just used them for the lovely smells and the calming energy that would be enough, but when you enlist them in healing they bring such balance and love into whatever you are challenged with and working on. The calming peace that settles over the area where you have misted them makes a receptive area for very deep healing for the body mind and emotions, and engages the spirit on a very deep, deep level. Such a blessing for all of us who so need them to be able to get these wonderful gifts that were so divinely born and blessed! Thanks again,” Christine H. – Vader, WA

"I am inquiring about a wholesale order of your Meditation & Healing Mists. Your blends are truly divine! I have been using them in my treatment room with amazing results." Carolyn L. ~ Grass Valley, CA

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Testimonials for Sacred Union Aromatherapy Mist

*"I love your mists. They smell good, I wear them as perfume plus use on my bed. I received them...thank you! Cathy R." ~ Boise, ID ~ Sept 2016*

*"Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for your wonderful healing mists. I recently ordered Sacred Union and had already purchased Love's Blessing while at Agape on a recent trip to CA. I absolutely adore each but Love's Blessing is my favorite and love to wear both as fragrances. I certainly appreciated your prompt shipment when I ordered Sacred Union and am delighted I will be able to purchase them via the internet. Abundant blessings! Margaret G." Morgantown, WV ~ July 2016*

“Hi! Thank you! I found the Sacred Union mist in the medicine cabinet of a home I had stayed in while traveling, outside of San Francisco. I *love* the scent - I've found that aromatherapy works really well for me and I'll spray it when I need to calm down, or even when I'm waking up in the morning. I take it everywhere with me + even love it as a perfume. I always get compliments :) kind regards”, Amanda S. ~ Asheville, NC ~ May 2016

*"Hi Marilyn, thank you I'm hoping I get it today. I found a little bottle (Sacred Union) of this at a store in Solvang. I went in for a tarot card reading and found this awesome mist. I love it! And I just started using it more this last year. But I even use it as perfume it's so sweet. Thank you! Sandra M." ~ Oxnard, CA ~ January 2016*

“Hi! I received it (Sacred Union Mist) yesterday thank you!! My coworker Tanya G buys your spray at a shop in Santa Monica next to her yoga class on Saturdays. Tanya uses the spray before our in office yoga classes twice a week, and anytime to refresh her face.  I love the blend of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. Thanks, Colleen N.” ~ Burbank, CA ~ January 2016

“I purchased your lovely product in Ojai, CA. I love it. Thank you.” Karen P. S. ~ Vancouver, Canada ~ April 2015

(2nd testimonial):

“Namaste Marilyn, I am in France now returning home Tuesday to Vancouver. Once I get home I will order more product for myself, my daughter and my private yoga studio space. I love the Sacred Union blend!! I am currently studying to be a Sacred Union Facilitator. My teacher lives in France. I am in Ojai each year with Off the Mat into the World organization as I am a leader with them. Thank you! :) Have a Buddhaful day! Namaste,” Karen P. S. ~ Vancouver, Canada ~ April 2015

“Hi Marilyn, Received my order yesterday. Thank you so much! Love and blessings back to you! Thank you for all you do to help us relax and stay focused.” Jeannie M. ~ Ventura, CA ~ February 2015

"I was at the "Salzers" store in Ventura earlier, where we came across your Sacred Union Mist... just love it. (I was looking for something totally not relevant to your mist, but we (daughter & I) just love the way it smells - never smelled it before, but we're hooked.) Anyway, we took down your info from the bottle... and here we are:)" Cynthia F. ~ Ventura, CA ~ Dec 2014

“Hello ~ I have used essential oils for years and I have several "go-tos" that I use on an almost daily basis. Today I visited a friend who attended Agape in Washington, DC, this weekend and she gave me a spritz of your Sacred Union blend. This afternoon I have felt so energized and grounded and I ordered two bottles as soon as I got home. I also ordered a bottle of Loves Blessing to give that a try. I wanted to thank you for creating these blends and I look forward to trying Loves Blessing. Many blessings to you! Amy U.” ~ Locust Grove, VA ~ May 2014

“From the first test spritz of Sacred Union, I was hooked. . I bought one bottle  for myself and one for a friend, but I used mine up so quickly, I’ve decided to stock up by buying several bottles at once.      The savory and sweet essences of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli are a most refreshing bark, leaf and pod mixture.   It is simultaneously delicate and hearty, the perfect mixture for sultry summer days.” Isisara B. – July 2013

“Yes, I'm loving the Sacred Union mist. Here is what I've experienced with it: I can feel the love & compassion that has been infused into the Sacred Union mist. I often spray it in the common area of my house and it creates such a warm & loving energy. Everyone who stops by usually comments on how amazing the fragrances of the home are. I've also found myself energetically more open when around other people. I also feel balanced. Thank you Marilyn for creating such a special product! Emmanuel D. - 15 April 2013

“I was excited to see a new mist by Marilyn Salas. I use “Love’s Blessing” mist almost daily with results of calming and clarity not to mention a ‘lighting’ up effect. Marilyn’s new mist “Sacred Union”, Unfolding the Beauty of Desire, sounded intriguing. Upon misting I immediately loved the patchouli and sandalwood notes. The mist connected me with mother earth and, most importantly with me as a woman, and a very strong feeling of dignity and respect as a woman manifested and flowed through me. “Sacred Union” also brought in an awareness of the continual male/female balance that was now attainable. “Sacred Union” seems to help this process immensely and gave me a new lease on who I am as a fuller and more complete human being on mother earth.” Diane T. – Apr 2013

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