Meditation & Healing Mist

"Love's Blessing" Creation Story

Love's Blessing
Meditation &
Healing Mist

Sacred Union
Aromatherapy Mist

Gift Set


Mists Are Infused
With The Vibrations Of
Select Crystals & Gemstones

Energy Healing Sessions
with Marilyn Salas Using
Crystals & Gemstones


"I have fallen in love with this mist and will begin using it with my clients on a regular bases......I had purchased the mist and been using it on myself and my clients and had also return to my 3D work at a public school library and have misted the library and my circulation station - I felt an immediate easement of mind, body and spirit when I used it on myself. I began to use it during meditations and prayer and found the mist to be a facilitator to inner self. I have also used the mist to clear my crystals - after sessions with my clients - I had always laid the various crystals upon a bed of Celtic salt and spritzed rose water or lavender oil. My crystals began to request the mist when being placed upon the salt bed. My crystals conveyed a kinship with the mist as it resonated with them more than with the other oils. So began my love affair with the mist. Blessings and Light," Jeanette Red Bird Woman - Port Hueneme, California

"I love to write and can easily get carried away with a surplus of gratitude and descriptive fondness for a product when I really enjoy it, and its value. Thank you for allowing me to "honor" Love’s Blessing. I endorse the use of "Love’s Blessing" in my apothecary practice. My clients always comment about the relaxed ambiance they experience from the exhilarating aroma inhalation from the moment they step into my day spa and into my treatment room. I infuse the intoxicating mist into the light ozone steam, and my clients are calmed and swept away into a deeper realm as the metamorphoses of the purified water steam and aromatherapy scent pollenates a conversion of the "purest love" permeating the face, body and spirit...enlivening as it is being inhaled by the body’s temple. Of bliss and blessings", Candice Wilson - Facials of Essence, Ojai, CA