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Love's Blessing
Meditation &
Healing Mist

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Love's Blessing
Meditation & Healing Mist

Aromatherpay blend of 26 essential oils

Star Bling Color

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Essential Oils Used in the Love's Blessing Aromatherapy Blend

Ylang Ylang: extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation, and it may help with releasing feelings of anger, tension, and nervous irritability

Geranium: uplifting, calming, helps release negative memories, and supports the circulatory and nervous systems

Black Spruce: both calming and elevating, excellent for yoga and meditative use, or uplifting the atmosphere of any space. The aroma is thought to enhance yoga and other meditation practices

Bergamont: uplifting and relaxing, it is good for uplifting your mood, and building confidence

Sandalwood: used for meditation, it is uplifting and relaxing

Myrrh: helpful aid to meditation, having one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes available - sesquiterpenes are a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the hypothalamus, pituitary, and amygdala, the seat of our emotions

Palmarosa: aroma is thought to create a feeling of security, help reduce stress, and support recovery from nervous tension; this oil is considered antimicrobial, antiviral, stimulant to digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems; it moisturizes skin, stimulates cell regeneration, and speeds healing

Hyssop: purifying properties

Angelica: encourages feelings of protection again negative energy and promotes feelings of security, enhances the body's aura, promotes a sense of strength

Melissa: strengthening and revitalizing, yet soothing and calming; comforting during the winter season, and supportive of immune system function

Rose Otto: will lift anyone's spirits, and add an air of joy to any environment

Frankincense: stimulating, comforting, and elevating, also used for visualizing, improving one's spiritual connection, and centering, helps to focus the mind and overcome stress and despair, and is considered a holy anointing oil in many cultures

Lotus: powerful emotional and spiritual effect…feeling of serenity and tranquility…state of relaxed awareness…veil has been lifted...deeper understanding, a brightening of vision… feeling of clarity…a wonderful meditation oil, said to be associated with the crown chakra… may help connect the mind and the heart

Sweetgrass: spiritual attraction

Patchouli: helps release negative emotions, is a general tonic that supports the digestive system, and soothes occasional queasiness

Nutmeg: comforting and soothing, helps boost energy

Orange: brings peace and happiness to the mind, is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration, and supports nervous and endocrine systems

Lavender: assists the body when adapting to stress or imbalances, and is a great aid for relaxing, and winding down before bedtime; also boosts stamina and energy

(Friar’s) Balsam (Tinc) Benz: antiseptic and protective effect

Cedarwood: relaxing and soothing

Oakmoss: antiseptic, demulcent, expectorant and restorative

Bay: positive effects on the lymphatic system

Balsam of Tolu: helps with flu, colds, viral infections, stress, and nervous tension

Spruce: refreshing, invigorating, and strengthening, is supportive of the respiratory and nervous systems, and helps to open and release emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling of balance and peaceful security

Rosewood: steadying and balancing effect on emotions and may help to uplift feelings of despair

Rose: helps bring balance and harmony with uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence